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1.290 € /personne

This circuit is perfect for adepts of trekking who want to discover the wild and remote Malagasy highlands. A human trip, close to nature.

  • Duration : 10 days et 9 nights
  • Time of the year : April to January
  • Physical difficulty: high

Discovery Trip with SUDMADATREK

2 Stars hotels and half pension

Full pension when on camping suites

 2 People required (up to 16 persons)


We come welcome you directly at the international airport of Ivato, and head straight south. Throughout the plains of the highlands, you’ll discover the first amazing scenery of your trip:  the rural villages surrounded by ricefields and the population of farmers whose lifestyle has never changed since the dawn of time.

After the visit of a traditional foundry, we’ll have lunch and then head down to Antsirabe, the thermal city constructed and developed by norvegian missionaries. This city is ranked first in agriculture and the second in industry in the whole country. The beautiful middle class houses downtown are witnesses of this frivolous era.

We then head farther south, to Fianarantsoa where you’ll spend the night at the hotel.


In the morning, we’ll leave for Mahasoabe to start the pirogue descent of the Matsiatra river (around 3 hours). Aboard this traditional pirogue, you’ll cast a glance over the landscapes of the rural betsileo province, throughout ricefields and remote villages. This river is taken by the locals to carry their harvests to the market of Sahambavy. We’ll take a piquenique break near a waterfall .

Then, we’ll let the pirogues on the riverbanks near Iseta. There, you’ll have your first opportunity of meeting with the locals, before heading on foot to the lake close by. We’ll then walk through the tea plantations and the typical betsileo villages, then towards the conditioning plant. After this big day, we head back to the hotel at Fianarantsoa.

J3 : FIANARANTSOA – ANDRINGITRA  small height difference

We hit the road pretty early to the mountain range of the Andringitra. On our way, we visit the Soavita winery and the city of Ambalavoa. We’ll also visit a couple craftshops, where traditional Antemoro paper and natural silk are made. After this, time to head to the park of Namoly Valley. The villagers there have kept all the very specific Bestileo values of ethics and you’ll discover how welcoming the Malagasy culture.

We’ll camp near the village of Ambalamanandray or at the gite

J4 : ANDRINGITRA  difference of height : 600m+ 7hours of walking

Leaving early for Mandriampotsy.

The objective is to climb up to the camping site at the foot of the cliff, at 2100 meters of’ll discovert the Asaramanitra circuit and the Belambo forest.

Lunch at the sacred waterfall. Then the highmountain pastures and it’s amazing landscapes, on the whole valley and the Zomandao river.

Night on camping site.

J5 : ANDRINGITRA : difference of height  600m+ 900m- 7 to 8 hours of walking

Waking up before sunrise, we must climb the second highest peak of Madagascar, pic Bobby: 2 hours and a half to go. On top, at 2658m of altitude, after 600m of height, you’ll catch a superb view of the neighboring mountains and the valley down the cliff, filled with the morning light. We’ll have lunch there, and a good break before heading down for the DIAVOLANA circuit, to the back of the mountain and its lunar surrealism. The deserted grass fields seem directly taken out of a science fiction scenery. We’ll then head for Lantaranomby, a forest of palmtrees « ravenea glauca », endemic to this very mountain.

Night on camping site, next to a refreshing river





J6 : ANDRINGITRA – VALLEE DE TSARANORO 6 hours of walking and 700m-  et +300 m of difference in height.


After a good breakfast, we leave for the Tsaranoro valley, home of many types of lizzards, aloes, and Pachypodium d’enchyflorum. Once on the foothills, the track crosses several Barabory villages. Here, we can witness a cultural mix, the Betsileo and the Bara. From this point, it’s time to climb up the Mount Chameleon. Once on its back, you’ll get an amazing 360° landscape on the neighboring mountain ranges. On out trip back we’ll walk through the sacred forest and observe some lemurs sunbathing on flat rocks.


Nigh at the Camp Catta





We’ll leave early to take the car and go to Ranomafana. This national park is one of the most diverse of the whole island. Everything here is endemic. When you arrive, our team on site will welcome you and take you to the different forests we can find here.

The pandanus forest, for instance is the sanctuary of the rare “Queen of the orchids”, the Eulophiella. The rest of the day will be devoted to visiting the waterfall and the Tanala (people of the forest) villages around. We’ll see many lemurs, plants and birds endemic of this rainforest.

Night on camping site.


J8 : RANOMAFANA 7 hours of walking, difficult walk


We start the day by crossing the secondary forest to observe the Varecia Variegata and other species of Lemurs, among the most threatened like the Bamboo Lemurs.

The extreme majority of plants here are endemic, and most of them can be used as diverse medicines. The guides will help you understand this out in the open pharmacy and its secrets. As night falls we’ll try to catch a glimpse of the microcèbes, one of the tiniest type of lemur existing, and some other nocturnal animals.

We’ll camp near the research site in the forest.







After breakfast, we’ll continue our journey inside the primary rainforest towards the great waterfall.

A little picnic on site, and we’ll go visit Tanala villages, and the famous thermal baths of Ranomafana (literally “hot water”)


Night at the hotel




Transfer to Tana. We’ll visit « marché de la digue » before heading to the airport.

Highlight tour:

  • Climbing up the 2nd peak of Madagascar
  • The Great Cliff of Tsaranoro
  • Meeting up with the local tribes (merina, Zafimaniry, betsileo, Antanala)
  • Descent of the matsiatra
  • The most beautiful national parks of the highlands

TARIF : 690€ /person


  • Private bus with air conditioning.
  • Fuel for the roundtrip
  • Insurance for the vehicle
  • An English speaking guide and a driver
  • Hosting and food for the driver
  • Premium hotels
  • Full board
  • Tourist vignette
  • National parc entrance fee
  • Local guides
  • Visits
  • The pousse pousse
  • Picnic during the excursions in the parks.


  • Ticket Paris – Tana , regular flight
  • Taxes and fuel premium for your flight
  • Domestic Flight Tuléar – Tana
  • Water and beverages
  • Tips
  • Health and repatriation insurance
  • Cancellation

    Passport (children included) valid at least 6 months after returning to home country. Out of European Union, consult your consulate


    We strongly recommend the classic vaccines for Madagascar.

Mois Départ Fin du voyage Groupe Minimum Tarif  TTC
Janvier 03/01 12/01 2 690€
Avril 02/04 11/04 2 690€
Mai 09/05 18/05 2 690€
Juin 11/06 20/06 2 690€
Juillet 11/07 20/07 2 690€
Août 06/08 15/08 2 690€
Septembre 05/09 14/09 2 690€
Octobre 15/10 24/10 2 690€
Novembre 14/11 23/11 2 690€
Décembre 03/12 12/12 2 690€
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