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From the Alley of the Baobabs to the Pirate Island

1.480 € /personne

Let yourself go on a unique adventure, where you will get to enter the intricate wilderness of the Western Madagascar, full of lemurs, turtles, crocodiles and chameleons. This circuit we offer is the best opportunity to admire two amazing sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage, before landing ashore on one of the most beautiful beach of the Indian Ocean

  • Length : 16 days et 15 nights
  • Season: From May to November
  • Physical difficulty: moderate

 Discovery Trip with SUDMADATREK

2 Stars hotels and half pension

Full pension when on camping suites

 4 People required (up to 16 persons)


 We come welcome you directly at the international airport of Ivato, and head straight south. Throughout the plains of the highlands, you’ll discover the first amazing scenery of your trip:  the rural villages surrounded by ricefields and the population of farmers whose lifestyle has never changed since the dawn of time

Free lunch before Antsirabe, the thermal city constructed and developed by norvegian missionaries. This city is ranked first in agriculture and the second in industry in the whole country. The beautiful middle class houses downtown are witnesses of this frivolous era.

Diner and night at the hotel



Breakfast at the hotel and Then, we go westward. The fertile lands of Vakinankaratra are soon to be replaced by the bareness of the dry Bongolava

We’ll have lunch in a local hoteli (gargotte) for a good discovery of the inevitable Malagasy rice meal.

Miandrivazo is a city on the banks of Mahajilo, a tributary of the Tsiribihina, this is where we will start our journey on water. This river is well known for its naturally heated flows.

Night and diner at the hotel


Boarding on the barge, we start a ride that will make the whole stern western Madagascar pass before our eyes. As many breaks as we need to walk around in the luxurious wilderness and discover the local bird species like the whistling ducks, aigrettes, heron and chameleons. A local lunch break, with only fresh food, fish, zebu, chicken and vegetables. Back to navigation till sunset, we camp on the sandy riverside. Bivouac


Crossing of the gorges of Bemahara, break near a beautiful waterfall with a natural pool. You’ll get to swim and lunch on site. You’ll get to see lemurs and turtles.

Lunch and night camping.


We leave at dawn to visit the villages settled on the shores. There are many bats hooked on the cliffs and if you are lucky you can even sneak a peek of some crocodiles. In the middle of the afternoon, we leave the river to head for the park of the Tsingy of Bemaraha, a road deserving a Camel Trophy

Night at the hotel.




Ideally, we leave early for the Great Tsingy, the road is 15km long, about an hour with a 4×4.There are two circuits you can choose from,

– Le circuit RANOTSARA: 3 hours inside the great Tsingy. Lunch on the run.

– Le circuit ANDAMOZAVAKA: About 4 hours inside the Great Tsingy. We recommend this circuit but its intensity requires a good shape.

For both of these options, you’ll need gear, and a forehead lamp that we will provide. In the core of the Tsingy of Bemahaea, you’ll find two breath taking landscape sites before reaching the cathedral.

The site was totally equipped respecting the environnement, for example with an amazing rope bridge suspended high above the Tsingys, tracks that lead to caverns, of stalagmites and stalactites.

Lemurs are likely to show up, as for the whole endemic fauna here.

Diner and night at the hotel


 We head back to Morondava, and take a lunch break at the beautiful city of Belo sur Tsiribihina.

On the trip back, you’ll discover the Lovers Baoba and the Sacred Baobab which the malagasy come honor from every side of Madagascar. There, people leave in the crevices conches, bottles, or red and black ribbons for their ancestors’ souls

As the afternoon ends, we’ll reach the famous Baobabs alley, under a perfect sunset. This proper boulevard of Andansonia Grandidieri, protected as a “Natural Monument” during the first festival Jama in july 2007, remains the masterpiece of our journey.

Night and diner at the hotel


 Transfert to the airport, back to Tana !

Welcoming and assistance at the airport, before headind east. The road is not bad between Antananarivo and the capital of Tamatave. We need to cross the steep cliffs that separate the two regions, covered with the luxurious forest of the Angavo. Free lunch.

A little stop at the Madagascar Exotic Park. This mill, unique on the whole island allow tourist to discover the biggest diversity of chameleons. It is also a sanctuary for hundreds of species of butterflies and insects. We then hit the road again, down to Mormanga, high hotspot of the insurrection of 1947 and Andasibe in the afternoon. There are night tours available there, to catch a glimpse of the nocturnal species of lemurs. Night and diner at the hotel.







The park of Andasibe, in the humidity of the morning, is by far one of the most exquisite of the island and is the home of the biggest lemur of them all. Its strong call will wake you up for sure. Many nocturnal species inhabit this place, for instance the tiny Microcèbes and the chameleons and frogs. The flora is also worth your while, full of pandanus, eucalyptus, ravenalas (tree of the traveler) and palissandres. Through this visit, many ponds, decorated with flower lilies will reveal themselves to you, in their mystery. To end the day, the canoe tour of the reserve Vakona, with its Lemur tiny Islands

Night and diner at the hotel


You’ll start the day, right after a good breakfast, by visiting the Pangalana canal, the fruit market at Brickaville and Manambato. That is where we’ll board on a boat, our course: Akanin’ny Nofy. Diner and night there, at the hotel.




Akanin’ny Nofy is located, on a 50 hectare wide area, surrounded by many lakes that form the canal of Pangalanes. One is pretty famous, the “Dream Nest” was named Ampitabe. It is roughly 60 km away from Tamatave and only a narrow (sometimes only a couple meters) strip of sandy dunes separates it from the Indian Ocean

The main takeaway of this place is undoubtedly the “Palmarium”, on the 30 hectares peninsula of Ampitabe. A private reserve, furnished with 100 000 endemic palm trees. The rarest and most popular are the Dypsis, the Ravenea, the Orania but also the Voaniala and the Lemurophoenix. There are also ten species of lemurs inside the Palmarium. The Varécia Variegata, the biggest, the Propithèque (or the upright Sifaka), the practically extinct Aye Aye, the Microcèbes and finally the Lémur coronatus endemic to the north.

This place is a singularity, a true sanctuary for the flora and fauna of Madagascar, there are orchids, carnivorous plants (nepenthes) and the symbol of Madagascar of course, the ravinala.

The easier and most common way to reach Akanin’ny Nofy is with the river. Starting in Manambato, we’ll board on the barge on the canal constructed when Gallieni, the first governor of Madagascar in 1896. You can also go for motor pirogue for the descent if you want.

Night and diner at the lodge





Boat ride to Tamatave, there we have lunch and we head to Mahambo.

Free afternoon on the beautiful beach followed by diner, and night at the hotel




Tranfert to Sainte Marie, we’ll have someone welcome us there, to the beautiful hotel on the sea shore

That is where you will linger for 4 days and 3 nights, half pension included.


Free days, dedicated to the discovery of the Garden Island and its luxurious vegetation. It’s a exquisite tropical beach close to the eastern shore of Madagascar. A vast forest of coco trees on a white sand licked by the calm waves.

The Island Sainte Marie is the most well-known site for whale watching in Madagascar. You can got on a boat tour during the great migration from July to September. There’s also the option of the safari “whales from the sky”, please contact us in advance for more information.



Transfer to the airport, fly to Tana followed by a visit of the upper city, the Queen Palace and the famous market. Transfer to the airport


  • Discovery of the National  Parc of the Tsingy of BEMARAHA listed as UNESCO World Heritage
  • The Baobab Alley
  • The camping during the barge trip douwn
  •  Natural pool and “cascade nosy ampela”
Price from: 1480 € TTC / person


The indicated price is per person,
for a package stay of 16 days / 15 nights. Non-contractual program that can be modified at any time.


  • Private bus with air conditioning.
  • Fuel for the roundtrip
  • Insurance for the vehicle
  • An English speaking guide and a driver
  • Hosting and food for the driver
  • Premium hotels
  • Full board
  • Tourist vignette
  • National parc entrance fee
  • Local guides
  • Visits
  • The pousse pousse
  • Picnic during the excursions in the parks.


  • Ticket Paris – Tana , regular flight
  • Taxes and fuel premium for your flight
  • Domestic Flight Tuléar – Tana
  • Water and beverages
  • Tips
  • Health and repatriation insurance
  • Cancellation


Passport (children included) valid at least 6 months after returning to home country. Out of European Union, consult your consulate


We strongly recommend the classic vaccines for Madagascar.

MOIS Début du voyage Fin du Voyage Groupe Minimum Tarif TTC
Mai 02/05 17/05 4 1480€
Juin 04/06 19/06 4 1480€
Juillet 04/07 19/07 4 1480€
Août 06/08 21/08 4 1480€
Septembre 05/09 20/09 4 1480€
Octobre 03/10 18/10 4 1480€
Novembre 05/11 20/11 4 1480€
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